Whether a spouse, significant other, roommate or friend...

Jobs that let teams of two—spouses, friends, siblings, etc.—work together aren’t easy to find in today’s world. So, this is a rare job opportunity, indeed.

What's it all about?

That’s simple! Each couples team works in tandem to manage a community’s day-to-day operations while sharing their lives with our independent senior residents. Better yet, virtually all of your daily expenses are covered, including an on-site rent-free apartment, paid utilities, chef-prepared meals and more.

General responsibilities for a team include:

Resident Services — Driven by your warm and caring nature, you'll provide our residents with a welcoming and carefree lifestyle while managing daily community operations.

Sales & Marketing — You'll help propel the sales and marketing efforts for your community, from lead generation to attract new residents, to raising awareness locally and other grassroots initiatives.

Associate Management — As a member of the management team, you’ll help manage others who work in your community. Plus, you’ll assist with human resource requirements while ensuring everyone is working together cohesively.

Financial Operations — Often drawing from "dollars and cents" experience as a property manager or apartment manager, you’ll help oversee the financial health of your community by achieving revenue goals, and monitoring expenses and other financial data.

About Holiday Retirement

About Holiday Retirement

Holiday Retirement owns and operates over 300 retirement communities across North America. We provide our senior residents with more than just a place to live—we provide a Holiday Lifestyle built on an unwavering commitment to simple, healthy and independent living. For more information, visit www.HolidayTouch.com.

So, now that you know what a working couples job managing a Holiday Retirement community is all about, find out what's in it for you and your partner.

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